Monday, August 10, 2009

Refreshed and ready to go!

I was feeling a little burnt out recently, making the same things over and over... so I decided to take a break from reality and spend some time with Mickey Mouse. It did the trick and I am refreshed and ready to start creating new things!! Since I have 2 boys, it is hard for me to sit and make girly things, but I have about 100 designs swirling around in my head, and a new little baby-friend named Carley to practice on. :) I should be adding some new and fun things in the very near future!! Plus, my little beans are going to get some new duds from me, too. I have so much fun making unique things for them, and getting stopped in stores by people asking where I bought them from. It is a good thing I tote my little cards around with me everywhere I go! :)

I have a tiny little fabric addiction, which becomes a problem because I LOVE buying it, but hate to cut it even in the slightest. So I banned myself from any fabric stores, until I could bring myself to use some of the beautiful stuff I already have. I gave it a few days and then started cutting away... now I am ready to go wild! :) I am also taking on some HUGE projects for the next few months, making Halloween costumes and some bedding sets... so that should be fun and time-consuming. I am 2 cups of coffee into my day already, explaining the insane ramblings in this blog, but it is just some silliness that I need to get out there. :)

Oh, and I am so excited that I am "bugging" people with my caterpillars!!! It is so sweet to see them popping up in people's blogs!! :) They are fun little critters! ;)